The Firebee is an Atari clone, developed by the Atari Coldfire Project. Internally, the Firebee is built around the ColdFire MCF5474 processor, widely used in embedded systems, and compatible with the Motorola 68000 processors used in Atari computers. The processor runs at 266MHz, and the computer includes 512MB of RAM.

This repository contains the results of my journey learning to program this machine in C, using the AHCC compiler.

Some GEM programs:

Clayton Walnum’s CManShip Complete is a popular resource for learning C programming for the Atari; I rewrote some of his examples to work with AHCC:

I wrote a Guide to GEM Programming in C using AHCC, which walks through the implementation of a sample GEM application, starting from the fundamentals of opening a window through to managing sliders, events and multiple-windows.