BibFind lets you search for entries in a bibliography written in BibTeX .bib format, and copy them to a word processor or text editor using the system clipboard. BibFind is written for the Atari platform, but currently is only compiled and tested on the Firebee, using MINT+XaAES.

Image of Bibfind program running on Firebee"

Above is a screenshot of BibFind running under MINT+XaAES on a Firebee. Two citations and references have been copied into an Atari Works document. A bar chart shows a count of the different document types within the BibTeX file.


  • Displays and allows navigation between records within a .bib file

  • Search tool, to display records matching one or more search terms

  • Ability to copy the reference to the system clipboard, to paste into a word processor. There are four types of copied information:

    • id: useful for LaTeX or asciidoc documents

    • cite: an (author, year) citation style

    • Harvard: a Harvard-style author (year) reference, to paste into reference lists

    • IEEE: an IEEE-style reference, for numeric reference lists

  • Records may be marked, and later a complete reference list saved to file in Harvard or IEEE format

  • Some simple statistics on the type and year of publications can be displayed in a bar chart

  • Can be run as a PRG or as an ACC