2013-12-03: Setting up Hatari

Hatari is an emulator program for Atari computers. Here I setup a replica of an Atari ST running in monochrome with some applications. The setup is for Ubuntu.

Install Hatari

First, install Hatari using:

    > sudo apt-get install hatari

This creates a menu heading: "Other/Hatari UI" which opens up the Hatari emulator. When this is first run, we get an error, as there is no TOS image.

Install TOS

Second, download the free TOS implementation EmuTOS. Unpack the compressed folder and then copy the tos image to /usr/share/hatari using:

    > sudo cp emutos-512k-0.9.1/etos512k.img /usr/share/hatari/tos.img

Create a Hard Drive

Hatari will now start up, and give the Atari screen. For moving files between the emulator and Ubuntu we create a simulated hard disk linked to a folder on our host computer. This is achieved using a GEMDOS drive directory. As Hatari places its local files under .hatari, I created a directory .hatari/disk/c The reason for the c is that Hatari will treat single letter directories under 'disk' as separate partitions, and ultimately these will show up as distinct letters on the Atari desktop.

  1. Start the Hatari UI from the menu.
  2. Under the 'Devices' menu, select the directory '.hatari/disk' for 'GEMDOS drive directory'.
  3. Click on 'set and reboot'.
  4. Now use F12 to get to the settings dialog.
    • Click the button for 'Hard disks'. The GEMDOS drive directory should now be showing.
    • Select on 'Boot from HD'.

Set up the Atari ST

With the 'Hatari main menu' showing (accessible using F12), select 'System'. This dialog lets us select the CPU type, Machine type etc. I have selected the ST with a 68000 CPU. Select your CPU speed - I chose 32MHz.

Back to the main menu, and then select 'Memory' to set the RAM size - I picked 4MB.

Under 'Atari screen' you can select the monitor. I chose 'Mono', for the highest resolution.

After all these changes, save the configuration file (which gets saved to .hatari/hatari.cfg). Reset the emulator, and you should get a nice monochrome desktop with three drive icons:


Installing Software

Software for the Atari can be found at various places, such as:

From here, I downloaded:

All seems to work, although some software, like Protext, needs some organising of the files to get the arrangement correct, and font handling needs setting up for Papyrus.

Useful Keys

Page from Peter's Scrapbook, output from a VimWiki on 2024-01-29.