icondoc: generate html documentation

icondoc is a documentation tool converting Icon file comments into html documentation: it is inspired by Ruby's rdoc.

Basic Use

To document the icondoc file, call:

> icondoc icondoc.icn

For more options:

> icondoc -h
Extracts documentation from code in file(s)
writing html files into destination_folder (default 'doc/').
(Ignores files named NAME_test.icn, unless using --include-tests.)

-h --help                : displays help message
-v --version             : show version
-d --destination folder  : destination folder, defaults to 'doc/'
-t --title-page filename : file of html to use in title page
-r --read-files          : read file list from stdin, e.g. piped from another source
--include-tests          : includes _test.icn files

Filenames can be listed on the command-line. However, on Windows, CMD does not expand wildcards into multiple files. Therefore, the flag "-r" makes icondoc read the filenames from stdin, enabling you to pipe the filenames to the program:

> dir /b *.icn | icondoc -r

Page from Peter's Scrapbook, output from a VimWiki on 2024-01-21.